Message from the President


Norio Nagata

Ever since human race entered into the era of industrialization, the waste of natural recourses and hazardous material increased with time. The foundation of Nagata Products was with the idea to protect the natural resources by recycling used automobile.

Since the foundation of Nagata Products in 1967 we dedicated ourselves to protect the environment, with our little effort we are now one of the biggest automobile recycling facility in Tohoku region.

Success, from our perspective, comes from knowing we have advanced our ability, improved our work skills, and our relations with customers. With consistent inspiring attitude we have gained regular support from the government and our partner organizations.

As we celebrate 45 years of Nagata Products history now we are more focused with our goal and proactively searching for better ways to recycle automobile parts and reuse of used automobile and broadening our network in Japan and around the globe as well.

環境を守ること。いまや世界はエコロジーの時代に突入しました。この流れ は極めて自然の流れです。我が「永田プロダクツ」は1967に創業して以来、 一環して自動車のリサイクル事業に取り組んでまいりました。私達の理念は 「SAVE  THE  EARTH」。我が社の環境への取り組みは行政機関や多くのお 客さまに支持されています。そしていま永田プロダクツは、日本から世界にそ の理念を基に事業を展開しようとしております。私達の良質な考え方、サービ ス、商品を是非とも世界の皆様に知っていただき、ビジネスサポートをさせて いただけたら幸いです。

Norio Nagata

Norio Nagata
(K.K) Nagata Products