Company Profile

NAGATA Products was founded in 1982 in a small town in West Tohoku region in Japan. The foundation of the company was with the distinguished vision intended to enable the achievement of the following objectives:

  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
  • Disassembly, inspects the parts, evaluate car parts to re-use.
  • Sort material used in cars, and recycle.
  • Re-sell used vehicle and car parts

NAGATA Products is one of the leading car recycling company in Japan. Headquartered in Tohoku, and a member of NGP group whose members are based all over Japan. Our network allows us to grasp the vast majority of market therefore we are able to gather variety of vehicles.

We are one of the leading exporters of Used cars and spare-parts. We deal in vast variety of cars from micro-cars, hybrid cars and commercial and construction vehicles. With the effort of our sales and marketing team and the benefit of Japan auto auction membership we have the access of over 100,000 vehicles, with that we also keep prompt and stern shipping and delivery services, which helps to us build the immense trust of our customers.


Undoubtedly, Japan's huge economy has helped in mass production, mass consumption and mass disposal. Therefore understanding the importance of resources Nagata products took the great step in recycling used cars to help protect the environment. Our 3R (Reduce, reuse, recycle) hierarchy plays an important role fulfilling this goal.

There is diverse range to use unwanted vehicles. Once we collected and dismantled these vehicles, steal and other recyclable metals are sorted accordingly. Some of the components are reused as rebuilt and also as second hand parts. After recyclable and reusable parts have been removed, rest of the body then transferred to shredded facility for more recycling.


International trade plays a very important role of our business model and generates large business volume. Nagata products provides all the facility under one roof. At Nagata products where buyers buy their cars and get facilitate on all the related matters included inspection and logistic services. Our friendly sales team assures to provide the best possible environment, our online phone request facility helps our clients to inquire any vehicle and related matters whether it is about the vehicle or the shipment services or the advice in importing the car of their choice our representatives helps to provide best advice in terms of shipment and price. No matter where our customer is from we are striving to assist and connect every continent and region.